Let's start by defining  how much coffee do you drink per day so you can select your preferred subscription plan.


We have created three options for you: Weekender, Coffee Lover and Coffee Addict.

If you are an occasional coffee drinker or you enjoy coffee mostly on weekends then choose Weekender plan - you will get 300 grams of coffee delivered to your home every four weeks. It is enough to have a single cup of coffee every day.

Coffee Lover plan is perfect for you if you drink 2 cups of coffee a day - you will get 300g of coffee every two weeks.

You drink more? Then select Coffee Addict - we will prepare you a shipment of 300 grams of coffee every week. And of course, home delivered. It is enough to give you 4 cups of coffee every day.


We offer two very different options for you to choose.

Kaffa Classics coffees (Kaffa Klassikot) are a safe and sound choice if you prefer to get a steady flow of your favourite Kaffa coffee in every delivery.

If your inner Indiana Jones is ok to be surprised select Roaster's Choice - our professional roasters will select something new and adventurous for you - Coffee Addict.

Be brave. Select wisely.


Next thing is to decide how you want your coffee, in beans or ground?
If you have a grinder at home take beans and ground them yourself - of course we are also happy to grind them for you.


You are now on the last stretch, hang in there.

Just add your selection to the cart and you are ready to checkout and pay your next coffee delivery.

We will confirm your subscription and you will get your coffee to your home. No hassle. Easy and simple.

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